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More about Sport4Youth and Peace

The Sport4Youth project is directed to Kosovo's youth and aims at reducing discrimination by providing spaces and opportunities that bring together ethnic communities through sport.

The tensions between the different ethnic communities of Kosovo are still high.

This is particularly true for the youth. Youngsters from different ethnic groups have very rare occasion to meet their peers from other communities and for most of them, they don't even share a common language. They view each other with a great deal of distrust and prejudice.

SSF is acting as a catalyst for dialogue and youth empowerment. Perceived as a neutral organisation, it uses sport to reach 6 communities (Albanian, Ashkali, Bosniak, Roma, Serb and Turk) and to develop interethnic activities.

Almost once a month, volunteers are involved into multi-ethnic events: trainings, run4peace, summer camp, joint events, anti-discrimination day…

Volunteers organized weekly sport and inclusive activities for the children of their localities.Thanks to the trust created between the volunteers and the parents, children are also regularly involved in multiethnic sport events.