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This year alone, more than 70,000 young adults will be diagnosed with cancer nationwide. Further, the 5-year survival rate for young adults has not improved since 1975. Caught at a pivotal time in their lives – young adult patients make up the most underserved and isolated cancer demographic today.

To address this need First Descents offers authentic outdoor adventures in an age-appropriate, supportive environment. Participants experience the physical and emotional highs and lows inherent to kayaking, surfing, and climbing, empowering them to move beyond simply surviving cancer. By channeling the powerful force of time spent in nature, FD supports participants’ ability to approach the uncertainties of their future as they would paddle their own first decent: with confidence, determination, and a strong support team.

Through outdoor adventure, First Descents addresses what The National Cancer Institute identifies as a key factor hindering successful survivorship in young adults- access to psychological supportive care. In 2014, First Descents will operate camp-based and year-round programs hosted in 18 states and 3 countries to serve over 1,000 participants annually.

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