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Bidna Capoeira supports psychosocial wellbeing in refugee camps where children are often the victims of violence, and broken community structures. Lacking stability in their lives, they suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms such as aggressiveness, inability to interact with peers, or loss of bladder control.

Capoeira in the Occupied Palestinian Territories tackles the psychosocial problems that children face, through promoting a safe space, physical and mental health and sense of community. To play, one needs a partner; the singers, instruments and the energy of the group. A social roda (circle) is also used to play and to address issues at the community or personal or training level.

The issues discussed can range from environmental, to gender awareness to discipline during the training session. Capoeira uniquely combines music, sport, play, and social gathering to create an active community. There are no winners, there are no losers, and there are no special skills required. This makes capoeira available to all without prejudice.

Capoeira was originally used as a tool for emancipation and resistance by African slaves brought to Brazil. To this day it remains a powerful tool for community integration, education and empowerment.

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