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More about Chalk Talk Group Therapy

Chalk Talk, a sport-based billable group therapy program, creates a clinician-guided environment where sport is the lens through which youth examine important social and emotional issues in real-time. Sessions are based upon the principles of the do the good® (DtG) curriculum, which was built on the therapeutic model of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Using teen-friendly slogan-aided language, and a behavioral and skills-development focus, Chalk Talk delivers the curriculum through a trained coaching and clinical staff.

Chalk Talk utilizes the youth-friendly vehicle of sport to effectively deliver contemporary theoretical and evidence-based mental health practices. Since the first Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Studies indicated that as many as 60% of mainstream youth experience emotionally and physically taxing trauma by the age of 16, a growing body of research has established the pressing need for trauma-sensitive youth interventions. The National Center for Children in Poverty underscores this alarming need by publishing rates of exposure as high as 90% among children in high crime (almost invariably low-income) neighborhoods and those in the Juvenile Justice System.

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