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More about Boxgirls South Africa

Boxgirls International links innovative projects around the world using boxing as a catalyst for social change. The skills they learn in the ring, improve their strength and resilience, allow them to better negotiate the urban environment and bring them further in their schooling, family and career.Girls are excluded from leadership positions, from education, from freedom to develop as an self defining individual in her community.

Boxgirls International helps girls discover their strength and use it for the good of their community. We help girls learn to defend themselves, take on the challenge of coaching younger girls and preparing themselves to take on roles of leadership in their society. We take active part in creating safer communities through starting a dialogue with parents, teachers, business owners about security and dignity for girls and women.

We seek out the most troubled areas to locate our projects and are very proud to be on the front line fighting gender based violence. We also work with boys' organisations to help them develop coaching strategies to support the boys to grow into non-violent men. Boxgirls works in Cape Town delivering excellent coaching through boxing club and primary school programmes, as well as outreach activities to business, government and media decision makers to improve women's sport, social and economic participation and inclusion in general.

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