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More about ‘Kau Mai Tonga – Netipolo!’- C’mon Tonga, Let’s Play Netball! (KMT)

C’mon Tonga Let’s Play Netball (KMT) is a campaign targeted at women aged 15-45 that uses netball as a tool to increase physical activity and reduce the impact of NCD’s on a vulnerable population.

The Kau Mai Tonga (KMT) project addresses the prevalence of obesity and other Non- Communicable Diseases among women aged 15 to 45 in Tonga.

Existing knowledge, formative research and a literature review informed the design of KMT.

Currently rating highest in the world, 93% of Tongan women are overweight or obese. Due in part to excessive sedentary behaviour where the majority of women do not meet the weekly minimum requirement of physical activity.

A variety of social and cultural reasons are behind women being more sedentary than men. For one, sporting activities are often designed for and dominated by men and secondly, traditional gender roles and concepts of femininity shape and constrain women’s participation in sport.

The project uses netball as a tool for women to access physical activity in a safe, supportive environment in order to take control of their own health.

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