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More about International Cycling Union (UCI)

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)’s commitment is to lead the development of cycling as a competitive sport and activity in all its forms, across the world. We commit to the highest standards in all our activity, and to earn and maintain a reputation as an international sporting federation of outstanding performance and integrity.

The UCI’s strategy rests in four core principles:

Leading the development of our sport at all levels and through all disciplines.

Our member federations and our ambitions extend across the world.

A clean sport, administered with the highest standards of governance.

Delivering our commitments through excellence in everything we do.

The fulfilment of the UCI’s strategy is made through a number of pillars, each with a set of near and long term goals. The strategy is implemented through the UCI’s staff, its Management Committee and Commissions, in partnership with the cycling family and in particular our member federations and confederations.

Develop cycling as a competitive sport

The UCI is the governing body of competitive cycling across the world. Our goal is the growth in the sport’s popularity and its sustainability by ensuring:

  • Clean sport, with a best-in-class independent anti-doping program;
  • Access to our sport for all – with clear and fair rules implemented justly and equitably;
  • A strong and sustainable financial structure, providing worthwhile careers for riders, coaches, mechanics, and other experts;
  • The development of the sport in emerging countries across the world with support for our continental confederations and our national federations;
  • Protection and rejuvenation of the sport in historic countries;
  • Cycling’s place as a major Olympic sport.
  • Promote UCI events and cycling commercially
  • Investment is the cornerstone for our work. 

Our goals are:

  • Ensure the financial strength, reserves and sustainability of the UCI;
  • To maximize the long term value of UCI events: the iconic UCI Road World Championships, and build value smartly across our many other important events and disciplines;
  • Help facilitate a commercially more successful sport, strengthening cycling as a whole.
  • Enable innovation and continued advances in technology

Cycling has always been interlinked with innovation. Our goals are to:

  • Attract continued investment in the bicycle industry and equipment technology;
  • Show cycling as the leader among sports in its use of technology;
  • Develop new audiences for our sport;
  • Ensure safety and a level playing field in competitive sport.
  • Be an advocate for cyclists and the growth of cycling in all its forms
  • Cycling is not only a competitive sport, but also a healthy leisure activity enjoyed by much of the world’s population.

Our goals are:

  • To promote the potential of cycling, as an environmentally positive form of transport, and part of a healthy lifestyle, accessible to all;
  • We will work with other groups to advocate and speak with one voice on behalf of cycling, and embed our policies on this across our other work.
  • International development
  • Cycling is now long established as a global sport and activity.

Our goal is to support this internationalisation through targeted support where it is most needed:

  • Leverage our expertise for the benefit of our member federations;
  • Ensure that all our strategies are pursued globally;
  • Make targeted interventions for highest impact;
  • Provide opportunity for athletes across the world through the UCI’s World Cycling Centre (WCC) network.
  • Performance and athlete development

The UCI’s WCC is a centre of excellence for athlete development. Our goals are:

  • To strengthen the position of the WCC as a recognised centre of excellence for training of athletes and the other expert functions involved in cycling;
  • To extend the WCC’s network and impact globally;
  • To be at the forefront of training techniques and sports science;
  • Pro-actively promote a clean sport through effective anti-doping education;
  • Ensure the highest standards of medical support for athletes involved in our sport through the application of our medical rules.
  • Women’s cycling
  • The UCI is responsible to both men and women cyclists, which we shall reflect across all our work.

In addition, recognising areas of current imbalance, the UCI has a specific strategy for women’s cycling. Our goals are:

  • In areas of current imbalance, we will set out and implement specific initiatives, such as the commercial development of women’s professional road cycling, bringing women’s cycling to new and diverse audiences;
  • Rectifying the imbalance in female participation in transport and leisure cycling;
  • Continue to build on the strengths of women’s cycling in disciplines from track to MTB.

Cycling is a successful sport for para athletes and the UCI is fully committed to developing this area. Our goals are:

  • To develop further para-cycling as a competitive sport at Paralympic and all levels;
  • To incorporate para-cycling into our work in the other fields of advocacy, transport and leisure.
    Excellence in everything we do

Our team seeks to deliver our strategy through excellence in our own operations:

  • We will ensure our governance structures are effective, relevant, and fully adapted to the highest relevant standards of corporate governance;
  • Transparency and accountability to our stakeholders;
  • The right work environment and culture for our people to excel and develop.

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