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Meet the Shortlist - Sport for Conflict Resolution Award

Selected from over 350 entries reaching 60 different countries, the Beyond Sport Awards, supported by Comic Relief shortlist represents the standout and unique work being done by organisations across the globe, from figure skating in Harlem to get young girls interested in STEM education, capoeira as a way to rehabilitate displaced young people in the Middle East to socially conscious gym classes as a way to support isolated older people in the disadvantaged communities across the UK.

The 36 nominated initiatives will be invited to the Beyond Sport Summit 2015, with their travel and accommodation provided, where the winners will be announced at the prestigious Awards Ceremony on the second day of the event.

Sport for Conflict Resolution Award

The Sport for Conflict Resolution Award is for projects that use sport to address key issues in areas affected by pre-, current, or post-conflict situations and/or projects that use sport to address key issues in communities considered to be at peace, but suffering from high levels of violence through criminal activity or local cultural / ethnic tension.

Capoeira4refugees – Bidna Capoeira – Middle East

C4R works in hostile environments, from outright warzones in Syria, to the occupied territories of Palestine to the refugee camps of Jordan. Each of these contexts has a shared experience of conflict and trauma.

In these conflict-affected communities, children and youth are particularly vulnerable to marginalisation, violence and feelings of hopelessness. Many exhibit behaviours associated with extreme stress, including anxiety, withdrawal, violent ‘acting out’ and anti-social actions.

Capoeira4refugees uses the unique sport and art form of capoeira as a psychosocial tool to address these issues. Capoeira’s combination of sport and live music helps students develop coping mechanisms, reducing stress and providing a safe space to build resilience.

Fight for Peace – Fight for Peace International – Global

Fight for Peace uses boxing and martial arts combined with education and personal development to tackle the issue of youth involvement in violence.  Using ethnographic research on the drivers behind youth involvement in violence, combined with intensive engagement with young people and delivery experience, Fight for Peace provides a holistic service of Five Pillars (boxing and martial arts, education, employability, social support and youth leadership).

Sport in the Service of Peace – Peres Center for Peace – Israel/State of Palestine

Sport in the Service of Peace utilises sport as a peace education tool to bring together Palestinians and Israelis, and Jews and Arabs in a safe, healthy and fun environment built on principles of equality, diversity, respect, and mutual understanding. The programme also disseminates the Peres Center’s peace education through sport methodologies to wider audiences in order to enhance the impact of the model, which enables youth to meet friends from "the other side," play in mixed teams, mitigate direct competition and encourages values of teamwork and equality.

Youth Leadership Development Project – Centre Des Jeunes Pour La Paix – The Democratic Republic of The Congo

The project activities consisted primarily to gather in five post conflict villages, 350 Young Leaders: equal number (boys and girls) aged 7-30 years old from different communities divided by conflict in The Democratic Republic of The Congo. 350 Young Leaders who have been trained, will go to their villages and schools to support and assist 8750 youth by organizing football competitions, football events and soccer tournaments to promote tolerance, dialogue, gender, breaking down stereotypes, recruitment into armed groups, lack of employment and abuse of drugs and alcohol by youth, the healing from trauma, HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.


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