The Beyond Sport Declaration

The Beyond Sport Declaration seeks to further the commitment made by businesses, NGOs, governing bodies, teams, IGOs, foundations, and all others striving to engage and positively impact their community through sport. The below is based on a declaration signed by the Beyond Sport Team of the Year nominees in 2010 and uses the principles set forth in the Magglingen Declaration, which was adopted by the United Nations in 2003 in an effort to 'create a better world through sport'.

Already signed by more than 100 teams, leagues, and their partners at the Beyond Sport United event held at New York's Yankee Stadium in September, this declaration calls for all those attending the Beyond Sport Summit 2011 to join them, hereby expressing their commitment to use sport as a positive tool for social change.

The undersigned expressly believe in the power of sport as an ideal foundation for teaching essential life skills and providing opportunities. Further, they acknowledge the possibilities and values that sport offers and declare that:

  • Athletic activity is an affordable way of improving an individual's physical and mental health and is essential for development.
  • Making physical education and sports a part of the education system helps children and young people perform better both academically and overall, whilst improving their quality of life.
  • Play and recreation can help individuals in situations of conflict, crisis or social tension heal their emotional scars and overcome trauma.
  • Sports are the ideal platform for bringing people together from all walks of life and helping build societies.
  • Sports can help break-down barriers of race, religion, gender, disability, and social background.
  • Sports are most effective when practiced free of drugs, in a fair way, with respect and inclusive of everyone.
  • Partnerships between the world of sports, media, corporate, government, and development organisations will boost understanding of the contribution sports can make to sustainable development.

Finally, and most importantly, the undersigned agree to work together to make significant changes to improve on how their sector – whether it be corporate, government, development, sport, media, or other – effects tangible social change as a result of this gathering on December 5-8 in Cape Town, South Africa.

This declaration is inspired by the leadership of development organisations, businesses, teams, leagues, and governing bodies that have come together around Beyond Sport's message and call upon all present at the Summit 2011 to spread this declaration to others across the world.


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