Kids practicing KarateTo fulfil its mission, Beyond Sport engages in activities that will have a tangible positive impact on the use of sport to create positive social change across the world. Impacts are tracked, recorded and celebrated and are known as the “Beyond Sport Effect”.

Beyond Sport does not only support the Shortlist and Winners of its annual awards, it facilitates and draws together a living network of groups and individuals that have the potential to use sport to overcome challenges faced by communities across the world.

The Beyond Sport Effect can be categorised into direct and indirect outcomes.

The direct outcomes come through providing funding and business support to the Winners and Shortlisters of the Beyond Sport Awards, with key messages, themes and best practices being made available to the Beyond Sport network as a whole. This support is provided through the Beyond Sport Foundation, the charitable, ring-fenced arm of Beyond Sport.

The indirect outcomes reflect those that have surfaced from Beyond Sport’s role as a connector and collaborator. Beyond Sport facilitates a continuous flow of activity between more than 1,000 NGOs, government organisations, corporations, professional sports teams and federations. This activity often has specific outcomes that serve to drive the sport for development movement forward. This section of the website explores some of the Beyond Sport Effect highlights since the 2009 Beyond Sport Summit & Awards in Chicago.


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