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Sport Federation or Governing Body of the Year

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Criteria specific to this category:

In addition to following Beyond Sport's Four Basic Principles, the entry must show:

  • That the submitting organisation is a recognised national governing body, international federation, any rights-holder of a recognised competition or league, or a foundation affiliated to any of these types of organisations
  • That the organisation goes beyond addressing increased participation levels and focuses on major issues occurring within the relevant communities
  • Integration of 'social change and community engagement' into the organisation's activities and sport development programmes
  • Effective use of organisation's reach, assets, and network (including subsidiary bodies)
  • A strong 'inclusive' strategy when engaging participants in community programmes (eg gender, race, ethnicity, disability, economic background, etc.)

Judges Tip:

  • Judges will look favourably on those entries whose community engagement efforts are actively contributing and integrated into the organisation's overall financial objectives

General Criteria:

In addition to the above, the entry must show:

  • That the organisation has effectively used partnerships
  • That the organisation has well-supported evidence of change through a monitoring and evaluation structure

Step 1- Download and complete entry form

Step 2 – complete top-line information

Note: Do NOT move on to Step 2 until you have downloaded and completed
your entry form and it is ready to upload.

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Upon submission, website users can contact you through Beyond Sport, though your email address will remain confidential.

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