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  • Award Entered:
    UNICEF Sport for Education Award
  • Parent Organisation:
    Swiss Academy for Development (SAD)
  • Project Host Nation:
  • Overview of Project:
    As a main project activity, 15 non formal education (NFE)-classes are held in different rural villages, targeting low-caste children between the age of 5-10, who are deprived of education. After nine months, NFE graduates are integrated into the public school system. By systematically integrating sport and play activities (besides the basic reading, writing and maths teaching) into the NFE classes, the project is taking an integrated approach to education. The aim of the project is not only to facilitate children’s access to public schools, but at the same time to support these children, who have experienced discrimination and conflict in the past, in their psychosocial development. This rests on the conviction that children can only fully develop their true potential if they have the necessary self-confidence, inner strength and motivation to overcome the multiple obstacles they face, to learn and to advance in life. The use of interactive teaching methods and the integration of sport & play activities into the curriculum serves to strengthen these factors in a way that is non-intrusive and fun. The project's success so far shows that this approach effectively meets the specific learning requirements of children from disadvantaged backgrounds and significantly increases their "school readiness". By further spreading the experiences from this project, we hope to contribute to a more inclusive learning environment and to improved educational perspectives for many more marginalized children in Nepal.

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