Restoring Our Children’s Hope – local, sustainable development in Central and Eastern Liberia Flag

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    ROCH Coaches in North and Central Liberia draw on their Right To Play training to deliver programmes incorporating over 400 activities and games using the best values of sport – respect, leadership, inclusion, tolerance, teamwork and fair play – to build bridges between communities, help children recover from the trauma of war, and break down stigmas and taboos that contribute towards discrimination and the spread of deadly disease. Programming is delivered with the help of local sports teams, community organisations and teachers to ensure local ownership, contextualisation and engagement of stakeholders in peace and development. Resources used incorporate a Reflect/Connect/Apply methodology that gives children the opportunity to reflect on experiences during the game; connect these experiences to their local community and understand how they can apply this learning to situations later in life. ROCH staff and members seek to empower participants and communities by engaging them in the design and delivery of activities, building local capacity, adhering to generally accepted principles of transparency and accountability, and pursuing sustainability through collaboration, partnerships and coordinated action. Through sport and play, they educate and inspire Liberia’s next generation; bringing disparate communities together and building a foundation for peace, health and development in the longer term.

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