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    Sport for Health Award
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    Survivors of trafficking consider themselves to be impure and feel guilty about their bodies. Kolkata Sanved helps one reclaim, open up, respect and love one’s body – a body that has suffered much abuse. Survivors find it difficult to engage with the formal counseling process - Kolkata Sanved encourages the use of dance & movement to help release negative emotions – Kolkata Sanved provides a new approach to verbal counseling.Traditional Rehabilitation offers very limited work opportunities – Kolkata Sanved trains survivors to become trainers and peer educators. Kolkata Sanved curriculum has evolved into a method of therapy and a voice of expression for vulnerable populations and victims. Specifically, the method focuses on using dance as a vehicle for learning selected life-skills, renewing a healthy mind-body relationship, addressing psychosocial handicaps and developing new community bonds. Our therapy has yielded results, proving that body movements, when used sensitively, can become a powerful tool for confidence building, rehabilitation, reintegration and advocacy. From being labelised/stigmatized, our clients tranform into being “proactive advocates”: individuals who've made peace within their violated souls and are now ready to voice their concerns.

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