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  • Award Entered:
    Sport Federation or Governing Body of the Year
  • Parent Organisation:
    Australian Football League
  • Project Host Nation:
  • Overview of Project:
    The AFL are committed to a partnership with Indigenous communities. We believe that Indigenous people significantly influence and contribute to our game. Our Indigenous Framework and suite of programs build on our award winning Racial Vilification policy and is designed to ensure this contribution grows stronger in the future. Our framework outlines the principles behind our programs; reciprocal partnership, respect, mutual responsibility and mutual benefit. The AFL believe these must be considered when we evaluate our programs. Our programs are about building greater access to our game and using the game to increase opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We aim to support better sporting, health, leadership, education and employment outcomes for Indigenous people across Australia. The AFL, with the support of our broadcast, corporate, government and community partners invest in the order of $5 million dollars in our Indigenous programs, which are delivered by our national office, State affiliates and our AFL Clubs.

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