Leaving a Trace in partnership with COLOMBIANITOS - Goals for a Better Life in Puerto Tejada, Cauca and Barbosa, Antioquia Flag

  • Award Entered:
    Corporate of the Year
  • Parent Organisation:
    Colombiana Kimberly Colpapel S.A
  • Project Host Nation:
  • Overview of Project:
    For CKC, social responsibility is more than a fashionable issue. It is key part of our success and our strategic business plan. Our CSR program is called “Leaving a Trace”, that aims to build a better, equitable country, creating better opportunities for everyone. Five years ago, we started a partnership with “Colombianitos nonprofit organization” (winner of 2009 Beyond Sport Award), using sports, music and dance to drive children away from violence and providing them a space for progress and opportunities. The program is a way to call children and their families to raise values such as respect, solidarity and discipline among others. Sports has become a cohesion component of our social responsibility agenda that also includes direct intervention to schools, health, hygiene, environment and robotics education and in Puerto Tejada, working to provide clean water. Kimberly-Clark ‘s corporate objective is to “lead the world in essentials for a better life” making one of its pillars to “create a better future by being responsible stewards of the environment and positive contributors to our communities”. By undertaking this mission, the 2015 Corporate Sustainability Strategy has included in its top priorities “to contribute to a sustainable society through our practices and relationships with communities”.

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