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    Sport Team of the Year
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    United Kingdom
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    At Liverpool Football Club we believe passionately in the importance of families. Through Tactics 4 Families we address the significant social impact of family breakdown, which in Liverpool is considerably higher than the national average. We work in partnership with the city’s schools to deliver a five-session programme for children (aged 7 to 11) and their families. It is specially designed to use the language and principles of football to convey 7 messages about family life: Work As A Team, Get Off The Bench, Sing Your Support, Play By The Rules, Get Up; Don’t Give Up, You’ll Never Walk Alone. We use a variety of teaching techniques to emphasize and explore the similarities between the skills needed to be an effective member of a football team and those needed to maintain positive relationships in a family ‘team’, specifically encouraging communication between generations in the families we work with. We use a highly illustrated, vibrant interactive workbook for the children and families who take part. We have recently begun work on a 3 year plan to make Tactics 4 Families lesson plans and resources available for teachers and community leaders across the World to download from our website for free.

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