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  • Award Entered:
    Sport For Social Inclusion Award
  • Parent Organisation:
  • Project Host Nation:
    The Netherlands
  • Overview of Project:
    Partner approach: Today, numerous organizations are doing amazing work by using sport for social change. Children with disabilities however, are often (unintentionally) excluded from their activities and thus miss out on all great benefits that sport can have on education, awareness on HIV/AIDS, hygiene, life skills, etc.. We therefore aim to strengthen these organizations by assisting them to adapt their activities and by educating coaches to enable inclusion of people with a disability. In this way, we link the strengths of our partners with our expertise in adapted sport in order to create sustainable change in the lives of people with disabilities. Why Sport? In addition to the above mentioned benefits related to our partners’ programs, adapted sports gives people with disabilities an opportunity to become aware of and strengthen their abilities. Because sport is a cost-effective mean of rehabilitation with the potential to increase self-confidence and social interaction, it can empower individuals with disabilities. Lastly, sport as a platform to spread information to the communities can positively change the attitudes towards people with disabilities and promote a more inclusive society. In this way, PlayAble brings children with disabilities off the sidelines and back into the game!

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