Psycho-Physical Rehabilitation and Social Integration of Mine Victims and Families of Mine Victims Through Water Sports Flag

  • Award Entered:
    Sport For Social Inclusion Award
  • Parent Organisation:
    NGO “Eco Sports Group” - association of disabled persons
  • Project Host Nation:
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Overview of Project:
    Eco Sports Group (ESG) is an organization that has been successfully using various water sports in rehabilitation and social integration of disabled persons since 2003. We at ESG as disabled persons ourselves have identified sports as most pleasurable and most productive form of not only physical but also psychological and emotional rehabilitation. Sport enables our participants to engage in meaningful, rather than merely repetitive activities usually done in clinical rehabilitation, through which they gain additional confidence and skills that enable them to approach everyday situations more readily and with a far more positive “I can do it” attitude. Sport also encourages our participants to raise their interaction with other people to a new level, to learn how to work as a team and to show their individual potentials as a member of a larger group. We opted for water sports since no other sport allows the interaction with nature on a scale which water sports do. Disabled persons thus not only develop their social skills, but also receive immeasurable benefits from staying in healthy natural surroundings which boost their rehabilitation process. Water sports are among those rare which allow persons with disabilities to excel and show their full potential.

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