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    Sport Federation or Governing Body of the Year
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    210 National Associations worldwide
  • Overview of Project:
    The ITTF Development Program, called "Breaking Down Barriers with Table Tennis Balls" started in 1999 as a pilot project in Oceania and was expanded to all Continents in 2001. Assist the 210 ITTF member associations with more than 100 courses and 30 equipment assistance packages yearly. The courses are for coaches, match officials, administrators and others, but there is a special emphasize for the inclusion, around 50% of them include education about table tennis for people with a disability. There is a strong policy to promote women´s participation with courses exclusively for them, also forums and workshops. (I.e, in 2010, 4574 people attended our courses while 1586 where women, that means 35%) There is "Goodwill Fund" with the aim to promote the human development using table tennis as a vehicle. We have programs running in Colombia for children from displaced families living in slums, in East Timor for children from impoverished areas. The ITTF tries to react after natural disasters of magnitude, there were programs after the Tsunami of ´04, Hurricane in the Caribbean in ´08 and there is a program being implemented in Haiti post-earthquake. We raised equipment for a value of US$60,000 and a similar amount in cash to assist the Haitian Association, an instructor worked last year on the "tent cities" and will visit them again in 2011 for 3 months.

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