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  • Award Entered:
    Best New Project
  • Parent Organisation:
    Policy Center for Roma and Minorities
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  • Overview of Project:
    Ferentari is a neighbourhood with a significant number of Roma teenagers who are falling out of the social nets. They end up, like most of their parents, either in prison, dependent on drugs, or at the very bottom of the social strata. Poverty, domestic violence, drug abuse, prostitution, are all part of their daily reality. The great risk of social exclusion which these youngsters face is the specific social issue we address through sport and extra-curricular activities. So far, we can say one of the most effective ways for tackling discrimination and promoting social inclusion is through sports, and this is why it represents a priority for our organization. Sports is a way of getting people together, regardless of their ethnicity. Sports greatly contributes to children’s physical development; it also increases their sense of discipline, self-esteem and performance and, very important, helps them realize that they can lead a different, better life than the one they see around every day. It helps them want to achieve something, even if in the beginning is just the opportunity to attend some famous sportsman’s trainings. Besides that, sports reaches large audiences, therefore it can be a great tool for promoting social dialogue.

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