AMANDLA Ku Lutsha (a project of AMANDLA EduFootball) Flag

  • Award Entered:
    UNICEF Sport for Education Award
  • Parent Organisation:
    AMANDLA EduFootball e.V.
  • Project Host Nation:
    South Africa
  • Overview of Project:
    The community Khayelitsha, South Africa’s biggest single township situated in Cape Town, is one of the main focus areas of AMANDLA. The living circumstances of children growing up in Khayelitsha are characterised by high crime rates, unemployment, poverty, violence and HIV/Aids. Additionally due to fractured families, social safety nets and family education oftentimes needs to be compensated for. To tackle this specific social issue AMANDLA uses the power of football to implement attractive and holistically educating after-school programmes to prevent youth from getting involved in criminal activities through enhancing their social education. AMANDLA’s daily football programmes, as well as the night league provide a safe environment as well as an attractive alternative that keeps youth off the streets and engages them in educational activities. Through its Life-Skills programme, which is rolled out parallel to the football leagues, AMANDLA lays the foundation for the youngsters in the community to be informed about their choices and opportunities in life apart from crime and gangsterism. Additionally the football leagues are interlinked with the AMANDLA Fair Play System, which rewards positive conduct on and off the football pitch and therefore directly incorporates its educational objectives including the prevention of violence into the daily football activities.

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