Dance 4 Peace Flag

  • Award Entered:
    Best New Project
  • Parent Organisation:
    Dance 4 Peace, Inc.
  • Project Host Nation:
    United States
  • Overview of Project:
    Dance 4 Peace posits that dance is a sport because it involves athletic training, is aerobically active, and requires cooperation and competition. Dance 4 Peace’s signature project is a ten session, evidence-based, progressive curriculum that uses dance and movement to engage students in peace education learning objectives. Youth participate in creative activities that build social and emotional competencies for peace. These exercises strengthen confidence and trust among individuals through interpretations of music, words and movement. Students work in groups and as individuals to accomplish these goals. Our sessions cover the themes: 1) Exploring and identifying emotions; 2) Expressing emotions and communicating and establishing different forms of dialogue; 3) Valuing differences; 4) Developing cooperation skills; Empathy; Active listening; Respecting the ideas of others; 5) Appreciating diversity; 6) Integrating diverse perspectives; 7) Managing emotions; 8) Understanding and managing anger; 9) Rehearsing the presentation; 10) Presenting dances, learned skills and conflict resolution techniques. Through engaging members of diverse and divergent communities emotionally and physically, Dance 4 Peace bridges connections between emotions, logical inclinations, and actions. Peace education through movement is our focus because programs fostering skills of cooperation and conflict resolution from an early age reduce structural and acute violence throughout societies worldwide.

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