West Haven Sports Club Flag

  • Award Entered:
    Sport Federation or Governing Body of the Year
  • Parent Organisation:
    Near West Side Community Development Corporation
  • Project Host Nation:
    United States, Chicago: Near West Side
  • Overview of Project:
    The West Haven Sports Club’s number one priority is tackling youth violence; in addition to combating other social issues in our community including the impact of low performing schools, high drop-out rates, and drug prevention. The Club uses sports as vehicle to provide mentoring in an effort to spark interest in healthy lifestyles and deter youth from gang activities. Called “team meetings” youth meet weekly, throughout the year to discuss anti-violence topics including conflict resolution and other topics determined by youth. In addition, we implement athletic programming year-round including spring and summer breaks when youth are least likely to be active and more likely to engage in at-risk behavior. We offer the Safe Summer Basketball League, an 8-week program to 180 youth between the ages of 10-19. Since Safe Summer began in 2008, the Chicago Police Department-District 12 reported that crimes in the area during league hours were flat while increasing in other areas. In 2009, major crime rates during tournament hours declined in our community area. Our fun, free and safe sports programs keep youth active and focused on alternatives to violence.

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