Something to Chew On Flag

  • Award Entered:
    Sport Team of the Year
  • Parent Organisation:
    Manchester United Foundation
  • Project Host Nation:
    United Kingdom
  • Overview of Project:
    Something to Chew On utilises community coaching experts to work with their local schools and help to stimulate and engage children to learn about leading a healthy lifestyle. Delivered though sport the key aims of the project are to: • Improve young peoples’ understanding of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, as well as increasing young people’s knowledge of food safety. • Increase young people’s uptake of physical activity and involve parents in the programme. • Encourage other organisations to replicate the model of good practice in other boroughs nationally • Working with those schools who are working towards a Healthy Schools Award (with a view to helping them achieve it.) • Working as a contribution towards the five hour offer high quality PE and sport According to the National Childhood Measurement Programme, nationally: • A strong positive relationship exists between deprivation and obesity prevalence for children in Reception and Year 6. • In Reception almost one in four of the children measured were classified as either overweight or obese: in Year 6 this rate was nearly one in three; • Obesity prevalence is significantly higher than the national average in the North West for Reception children. In the North West: • For reception - 23% of children classed as overweight or obese • In year 6 - 32.7% of children classed as overweight or obese The project is targeted at schools in areas of high deprivation. Vulnerable schools are identified through existing relationships with school sports partnerships. In the North West wards, there are some of the highest deprived areas in the country. The project aims to tackle obesity by increasing young people’s enthusiasm for physical activity and educating them about food and hygiene by relating these issues to Manchester United. The project is independently evaluated by Edcoms. Qualitative and quantitative research has shown success in terms of changing young people’s behavior patterns and inclusion in schools’ curriculum (see attached Edcoms Evaluation reports and below for specific statistics).

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