The Capital One Sports Project Flag

  • Award Entered:
    Corporate of the Year
  • Parent Organisation:
    Capital One and St Ann's and Sneinton EIP
  • Project Host Nation:
    United Kingdom
  • Overview of Project:
    Capital One have partnered St Ann's and Sneinton EIP since 2006. Our partnership began to develop local sports opportunities for children and families in a highly deprived community. The EIP supports partnership working alongside 12 local schools. Sport was indentified by the EIP Head teachers (EIP management group) as being an excellent way to engage children and impact on the following: • Improving self confidence • Improving emotional wellbeing • Reducing social barriers including territorialism • Supporting the delivery of the Every Child Matters outcomes • Delivery of high quality sports provision in schools and the community – one of the EIP’ key priorities. Capital One have enabled the EIP to begin tackling many of the issues that makes St Ann’s and Sneinton a dangerous place to live for young people. We have achieved this by offering children high quality, local inclusive sporting opportunities that were previously unavailable. Allowing children to take part in sports and supporting parents by training them to deliver sports coaching themselves. Sport has allowed the EIP to make interventions with hundreds of families and provided opportunities to children to showcase their talent by playing for local clubs and school teams.

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