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    This project reaches girls (11-17years) turning them into gender and sports champions in their communities. Training takes place within school grounds where girls can receive moral support and encouragement by developing their skills in avoiding situations of domestic violence, child abuse and actively participating in important community events to raise awareness and increase exposure. Many girls still lack choices and options mainly because of deep-rooted inequalities that are often gender based. For most, domestic violence and early marriage leads them to drop out of school while several others suffer in silence due to lack of knowledge and awareness of their rights to protection from violence and abuse and lack opportunities for recreation and life skills development (UNICEF, 2000). By letting girls take part in male dominated sports, while convincing local leaders, duty bearers and parents that sports is a positive thing for girls, negative perceptions in and out of school about women and girls are changed to increase their freedom. Through participation in martial arts and gender training, girls are inspired, acquire self esteem, and develop confidence and determination necessary to stay in school, resist unwanted pressures that lead to forced/early marriage, HIV infection, and girls dropping out of school.

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