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  • Award Entered:
    Sport for Conflict Resolution Award
  • Parent Organisation:
  • Project Host Nation:
    Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Overview of Project:
    Through the application of the 'SocioMotricity' principles (P.Parlebas) within the school setting, the Former Child Soldiers (FCS) (including a significant number of girls) are experiencing a new way to live the social and emotional interactions among peers which are totally different from those they used to suffer while mobilized as soldiers or slaves (prevarication, non-respect, verbal and physical aggression). Starting with elementary games focused on self control and teamwork, the youths are then encouraged to participate in more 'structured activities' such as 'adventure-games' and 'skill-developing activities' (building basic infrastructures) which can positively affect the development of empathic dynamics within the group and the valorisation of everyone’s competencies. The final step is the introduction of 'team sports' (mostly volleyball and soccer). Participants are guided to deal with conflicts, that constantly arise during the activities, in a non-violent and constructive manner while the main values of reciprocal tolerance and respect are strongly emphasized by (previously trained) local educators through open–circle discussions. Since these skills could be transferred into the everyday life dynamics and shared with other community members, it’s believed that by investing on the moral and social development of these young men and women it’s possible to create the basis for a long-lasting peace in the region.

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