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  • Award Entered:
    Corporate of the Year
  • Parent Organisation:
    Standard Chartered Bank
  • Project Host Nation:
    United Kingdom
  • Overview of Project:
    Goal programmes currently operate in India and Nigeria, across multiple sites in five cities. We plan to launch this summer in Jordan, and in 1-2 other markets in 2010. Goal sessions run weekly and include sport training and modules that cover topics including financial literacy, communication, and health. Participants are from urban communities between the ages of 14-19, both in- or out-of-school who subsist on a low family income. After 6-10 months, girls ‘graduate’; those who demonstrate leadership qualities are invited to become Goal Champions and are then trained to deliver Goal to other girls. Goal addresses a number of pervasive social issues facing adolescent girls in the markets we operate. These include: o Lack of opportunities for girls sport or physical activities and restrictions on their freedom of movement o Limited safe spaces (physical and psychological) for girls to play and learn o Perceived low value of girls We make sure Goal engages the community in every step to address these issues, right from the selection of the sport. In India, for example, we chose netball, a sport with limited physical contact where girls can play comfortably in their salwar kameez dress.

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