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    There is massive stigma attached to knowing your HIV status in Lesotho, but knowing it can save your life. TYT aims to overcome this problem by providing the opportunity to get tested and learn the truth about HIV in an environment of positive peer pressure. The campaign features an ongoing series of large one-day football festivals that combine a football tournament between school teams with voluntary HIV education and testing. It targets youth aged 14-18 with teams made up of an equal number of boys and girls. The HIV education games focus on teaching the truth about HIV, the importance of testing, dispelling myths and encouraging healthy lifestyles and how to prevent infection. The HIV test takes just a few minutes and all those tested receive pre and post test counselling. Those who test positive are referred to ongoing antiretroviral treatment at their local clinic, receive dedicated support from a trained Kick4Life mentor and become part of the Kick4Life support network for young people living with HIV. They are also referred to other opportunities within Kick4Life such as our health education and life-skills curriculum, and opportunities to be funded through secondary school through our Orphan and Vulnerable Children Scholarship Scheme.

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