Social Inclusion Programme: Knocking Down Barriers through Sport & Leisure Flag

  • Award Entered:
    Best New Project
  • Parent Organisation:
    Sport 4 Socialisation
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  • Overview of Project:
    Based on pilots in Kenya and Zimbabwe, S4S has developed a unique concept to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities (CWD’s) and their families. S4S starts with identification and assessments (socio-economical, medical, educational) of CWD’s (0-25 years). The CWD’s take part in weekly integrated and adapted sport activities in their suburbs with able-bodied peers, on open venues to raise awareness to the public, after which they have discussions on disability and HIV/AIDS topics. Parallel to this parents are organised in Parent Support Groups (PSG’s) where they learn about disabilities and take part in Income Generating Activities (IGA’s). Members of the PSG’s are trained to organise the sport sessions to ensure sustainability. Once a month the CWD’s have physiotherapy, while the parents get trained to continue the exercises at home. The sport activities are a portal for S4S to identify and assist in the needs of the CWD’s for educational assistance, medication, corrective surgeries and assistive devices. Sport activities are tools to increase social cohesion between CWD’s and able-bodied peers, raise awareness, assist parents in taking care of the CWD.

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