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    Corporate of the Year
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    Northumbrian Water Ltd
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  • Overview of Project:
    We are active in our communities encouraging sport and fitness as part of our proactive water for health campaign. Working with sporting partners we support projects as diverse as basketball, tennis, ice hockey, football, cricket, rowing, swimming, athletics, golf and fishing to get people active and to educate them on healthy eating and good hydration. We have also donated a building and many employee hours to support the innovative Easington Health Works, a community building to encourage fitness and health education in an area with one of the worst health records in the country. Through our partnerships we reach over 30,000 children and adults annually. We provide: • Links and network to enable sporting partners to get together to share ideas and resources. • Financial support totalling approximately £150,000 pa. • Provide approx 200 employee volunteer hours pa. • Advice and marketing support on programme development. • Bottled tap water, sports bottles or mains fed bottle free coolers to reinforce the importance of drinking tap water to rehydrate during sporting activities. • Help with fundraising and raising profile to attract additional investment.

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