Promoting Health, Life Skills and Fun for Boys and Girls through Sport in Karamoja Region Flag

  • Award Entered:
    UNICEF Sport for Education Award
  • Parent Organisation:
    The Kids League Uganda
  • Project Host Nation:
  • Overview of Project:
    The Kids League Uganda (TKL) has operated in Karamoja since 2006. Karamoja’s complex historical dynamics characterized by inter-clan rivalry, violence and cattle raiding has militated against childhood development thereby compromising children’s rights to education, peace, health and inclusion. Children aged 9-14 years, from different clans and family backgrounds, register for football and netball games, during which they are sensitized on the need to enrol and stay in school, primary health care, peaceful co-existence and inclusion. To break down barriers and enhance participation in community affairs, girls and people with disabilities are particularly encouraged and supported to engage in sports. Outreach activities are non sporting activities implemented by TKL Youth Ambassador Clubs (YAC) within schools. YACs deliver messages concerning children’s rights, health, education and peace through plays, songs, drama and debate. YACs undertake outreach activities in neighbouring communities’ schools to disseminate their knowledge to attract other children to enrol and remain in school while the rest of the community members get the opportunity to participate and enjoy the YAC activities. All sports and outreach activities are run by grassroots volunteers trained in best practise at local level thus promoting much needed civic engagement and community ownership of the intervention.

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