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    love.fútbol (LF) empowers disadvantaged communities worldwide to build simple, safe soccer fields for youth. We envision a day when all children have the opportunity to fulfill their passion for soccer. LF decreases obstacles and increases both safety and access so children have the opportunity to stay on the field and off the streets. LF hires “natural soccer leaders,” called LF Reps (LFRs), to engage and mobilize selected LF soccer communities. LFRs are part of existing national networks (such as the Department of Physical Education in Guatemala), identify regions that exhibit demand for a field, and meet with community leaders to propose the joint-cost venture. After a community has organized the all-volunteer labor and prepared the field base, LF invests financially into the community. LFRs coordinate the delivery of raw materials and provide ongoing project oversight. Albeit with such facilitations, the project is entirely in the community’s hands. After a field is completed, LF passes the torch to our coalition partners – other social ventures and sport for social change organizations – to engage the community and continue the development process based on the platform of the LF field.

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