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    Sport For Social Inclusion Award
  • Parent Organisation:
    Association Sport - The Bridge
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  • Overview of Project:
    The street child phenomenon is an alarming and escalating worldwide problem. In Addis Abeba more than 60’000 children live on the street. Ethiopia-Sport Builds Bridges offers them a possibility to find a way back to their families and society. During one year the children visit the compound where the staff supports them and their families to increase own resources and skills which are indispensably for re-socialisation and self-determination. After the reintegration Sport – The Bridge stays in close contact to the children and their families through a follow-up program in which support gets reduced step by step to enhance independency. In the centre of our activities are the sport-pedagogical teaching of the children about social behavior through sport, their reintegration in their families and the subscription of them to school. Learning stands in the center of our activities. In providing medical care, food support and teaching in various topics we secure a healthy development of body and mind. In workshops and self-help groups the families learn how to handle their children, to take responsibility and also improve in their economical situation. Children, families but also society has to learn to change their behavior whereas Sport is an ideal tool for such learning.

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