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  • Award Entered:
    Sport For Social Inclusion Award
  • Parent Organisation:
    The International (Sports) Academy
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  • Overview of Project:
    The International (Sports) Academy is a senior secondary school for boys and girls (13-17) with exceptional talent in sports. It offers a comprehensive academic programme covering the last three years of secondary school and the best facilities and training for sports. It is fully residential. Each student belongs to one of the 5 academies in the school – football, tennis, basketball, track and field sprints and jumps only, and the arts. Students combine the highest level of academics with the highest standards of sports training. The school, sited in Wasimi Orile, is helping to facilitate and accelerate the development of Mosan ward of Ogun State. The site of 14 extinct villages marked by carcasses of houses and overgrown weeds gives an indication of the neglect suffered by this community that is vast, and rich in arable land, but has no electricity, no pipe-borne water supply (people drank water from the stream), no medical centre, no police station, and is accessed by only one access earth road (not motorable when it rains). The effect of all this has been a migration of the youths to urban centres. The school’s establishment provides fresh hope and opportunities, and has halted the exodus.

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