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    Sport for the Environment Award
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    SOS IRB Kit Aid
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    In the 8 years since we started we have sent nearly £1.5 million pounds worth of quality used/new rugby kit to 14 emerging rugby nations in Europe, Africa and Asia and we have 56 more countries our waiting list( see our website for details). We are also backed by MPs, MEPS, RFU, rugby celebrities etc. SOS raises the awareness of the need for recycling in a new audience for environmental issues - the older generation within the rugby fraternity as well as youngsters at school - by reducing carbon footprints and pressure on the environment. SOS gives people a practical real live example of the benefits of recycling.We estimate over 1 million pounds of rugby kit is thrown annually into scarce UK landfill sites-we have only 9 years of sites left(DEFRA). We have launched "SOS Green" a community project that encourages school children to think about global warming and to start a recycling project in their school-starting with rugby kit. "SOS Green " has the full approval of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and can be done within the Community section of the D of E Award Scheme. SOS Green is also endorsed by the leading UK environmental magazine - Materials Recycling Weekly and the Recycling Dept of Middlesbrough Council who are advising us on best practise. We were the first people to get over 20 major UK kit manufacturers to think about recycling collectively and get behind SOS Green as an industry.

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