Kicking for Peace Flag

  • Award Entered:
    Sport for Conflict Resolution Award
  • Parent Organisation:
    Western Cape Network for Community Peace and Development
  • Project Host Nation:
    South Africa
  • Overview of Project:
    Kicking for Peace is a grassroots initiative that uses soccer as a vehicle for social transformation, conflict prevention and peace-building in post-apartheid South Africa. Since apartheid ended in 1994, we are in both post-conflict and current conflict situation, with the world’s highest murder and rape rates. Apartheid’s legacy persists in the form of ongoing separation between racial groups – white, black, Asian or mixed-race heritage – and deep mistrust between individuals. Apartheid destroyed the fabric of trust that holds a society together, and it has not yet been repaired. We, the Western Cape Network for Community Peace and Development, help youth develop skills and attitudes that help build a just and harmonious society. We offer multilingual activities (in Xhosa, English, Afrikaans), which include soccer practice, tournaments and life skills training for boys and girls in eleven different townships— formerly segregated black and coloured communities with almost no recreational activities. Through soccer, we teach communication, problem-solving, leadership and conflict transformation. A team from a nearby white community has recently joined, increasing opportunities to build bridges across racial divides. The Network is a unique collaboration of 32 NGOs, 11 local communities, local government, a university and the City of Cape Town.

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