Open Fun Football Schools Flag

  • Award Entered:
    Sport for Conflict Resolution Award
  • Parent Organisation:
    Cross Cultures Project Association
  • Project Host Nation:
    Bosnia Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Serbia-Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Lebanon, Iraq
  • Overview of Project:
    Cross Cultures is a politically independent, non-profit humanitarian organisation for the purpose of reconciliation and integration among people through dialogue and collaboration. Since 1998 Cross Cultures has developed and implemented approx. 900 Open Fun Football Schools in 15 countries in Balkan, Trans-Caucasus and the Middle East. Each school lasts five days and comprises a minimum of 200 children from 7 to 11 years, 15 voluntary coaches and 12 coach assistants. In ten years Cross Cultures has implemented football schools for approx. 200.000 children and organised education for approx. 20.000 voluntary leaders and coaches. All football schools are organised in accordance with the basic Open Fun Football Schools principles: grassroots football for all, education of leaders and coaches, promoting female participating at all levels (minimum 25%), social responsibility, voluntarism and democracy. Cross Cultures also delivers sports equipment (goals, footballs, bibs, cones, etc.), which enables the clubs to organise football for children on a day-to-day basis, once the local football school is successfully completed. In our approach to children’s football we actively involve parents, municipalities, primary school teachers, local sponsors, national and regional football associations, the local and national media, ministries of youth and sports and many others.

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