Southend Utd Goals Life Skills Flag

  • Award Entered:
    Sport Team of the Year
  • Parent Organisation:
    Southend United Community & Educational Trust
  • Project Host Nation:
  • Overview of Project:
    The Southend Utd 'Goals Life Skills' project helps young people, girls and boys aged between 14 and 18 identifed as having severe emotional or behavioural issues, deal with complex issues in their lives. The ultimate aim of 'Goals' is to positively re-engage young people into education and steer them away from anti-social behaviour and crime. We achieve this by providing 4 programmes (seasons) of eight weekly sessions (matches) at Southend Utd FC. Classroom based activities are complemented by physical activity such as football and dance. It should be recognised that the football and dance sessions are vital in engaging with the young people and to reward positive behaviour and good attendance. Aims of 'Goals' are: Equip and support young people to make positive choices around the issues of self, family, friends, community, health, home, career. To assist young people in finding employment To use the appeal of football, dance and Southend Utd Football Club, using football analogy to help young people examine and address their own problems. Each ‘Match’ as follows: 'Teams' collected from agreed venue in Blues Mini-bus 'Teams' sharing a healthy lunch Flexible structure, responsive to the needs of young people, allowing for changes if appropriate

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