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Our project combines the game of basketball with life skills, motivation, coaching and provide platforms to inspire others through the game of basketball and with the positivity and excitement that all our events bring, we have coaches and members of staff that ensure personal and player development. We believe sports (namely basketball) can be used to help build skills and characteristics that employers’ want and that also improve personal development and growth.

This sport helps build skills in teamwork, performing in front of an audience, leadership; sport also breaks social and cultural barriers and naturally brings people together. We empower the youth through our programs they gain appropriate nutritional and hygiene advice, extra tutoring and increase in physical activity. Individually the youth involved will be provided with tools to better themselves.

Currently there is an epidemic in the UK, a lot of young people are dying, getting caught up in crime, drugs and gang related issues, its real, and the youth are becoming harder to reach they are less responsive towards adults and conventional instruction. This is where we come in. We understand that sport is a great medium to breakdown social, cultural and area barriers, and open up lines of communication.

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