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More about Kick Out Corruption

Our mission is to use the power of soccer in the fight against corruption.

Corruption is prevalent in Liberia, with devastating political, social, and economical costs. According to a recent survey by Transparency International, Liberia is perceived to be the second most corrupt country in the world. The international community has found it difficult to tackle these challenges in the past because they have not focused on Liberia’s youth to build a sense of personal responsibility among the next generation of decision-makers. As a result, unaccountable behaviors continue, corruption flourishes, and instability remains.

The solution to the problem requires moving beyond workshops to instilling accountability and integrity in youth through activities and language they understand. Soccer is a key medium for this: the most popular sport in the country, it is played at every level throughout Liberia. All citizens deserve corruption-free services, and working together through the power of sports, we can make this a reality.

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