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More about Khayelitsha Outreach Division (Ubuntu & Ibhongolwethu groups)

After interviewing the projects coordinators, instructors, partners (MSF), nurses and parents, we used a problem tree format to determine what social issue we were addressing.

The final finding was that for the Ubuntu project: Young HIV+ children do not develop social/emotional/physical skills.

This came from: Parents/ Guardians do not tell young children HIV+ why they have to go to the clinic.

We are using the circus arts because Circus is a favorable environment to welcome any child no matter the talent, physic, or age.

Zip Zap Ubuntu project is running continuously with fun, compassionate instructors. From there, young HIV+ children are identified to move to Zip Zap Ibhongolwethu project and start their disclosure process.

At Ibhongolwethu, we address three main issues: HIV kids taking ARV medication are in poor health + are isolated from friends, family and school + have no Future, nor Hope, nor Fun.

We use circus workshops to create a friendly family environment to help the children develop their full potential in life and ensure that these children living with HIV taking ARVs are mentally, physically and emotionally healthy and have hope for the future.

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