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Ensuring that young disabled people have the opportunity to participate in wheelchair tennis and harnessing the intrinsic power of sport to bring physical, psychological and social change will help break the cycle of poverty. Specific guidance for the Human Rights of people with a disability exist, however these are not a substitute for those prescribed universally. The right to an active lifestyle and participation in sport are commonly understood to be human rights of all. Also they play a central role in the process of realising specific rights of young disabled people including inter alia sustained freedoms, autonomy and equitable access to education and employment.

Ensuring the realisation of these rights and furthering social change is not brought about through the mechanics of playing sport. While they may be the first step, the up skilling of local coaches ensures that through regular and structured sessions participants benefit from continued engagement in a formal recreational programme. Bringing structure and discipline has specific value in terms of broader life skills. Furthermore, the positive change felt by the individual include greater self-efficacy and the determination this brings to demand that disabled people are included in society and participate in decisions that affect them.

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