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Northern Ireland has suffered from conflict, ‘the troubles', over a period of several decades. ‘The troubles’ coupled with the recent global economic recession has far reaching implications for our youth.

The eHoops programme addresses the deprivation of aspiration in communities most impacted by the legacy of the conflict in Belfast.

Working in partnership with the University of Ulster, the Police Service for Northern Ireland & local community leaders we target socially deprived communities with young people most at risk who are not in education, employment or training (NEET’s). We use a programme of education, sport & personal mentoring to build relationships with young people so that they can be mentored and empowered to become the directors of their own future. Sport is used given its ability to bring people together.
It is the hook to set the scene for development work to confront wider issues with individuals & within communities. It works as it is a shared passion, is fun & informal. It is an interactive opportunity for participants to work together,get to know each other, build relationships, achieve academically & develop personally & professionally.

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