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5th Floor, 110 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6JS

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Cricket for Change provide opportunities for young people who are ignored by mainstream provision. We use a young person's love of sport to help them develop their self confidence and to help them understand the consequences of their actions.

A major theme of our work is to develop the idea that young people have a choice to do what they do and by making the right choices they can make use of the opportunities on offer to them. This might be as simple as being a reliable, positive and popular member of their local team or more complex such as leaving a gang or,for a young person with a disability, breaking away from over protective parents. All of our work is about empowering young people from often very difficult backgrounds to feel better about themselves and about the world around them.

We then use this increase in self confidence to help them find education, training or employment. We help our young people to develop aspirations and goals and then support them to achieve these.

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