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More about Coaching for Conservation

Coaching for Conservation® (C4C) is a product of the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust’s research operating since 1990. Investigations revealed that education was not addressing the prerequisite of a future orientation.  C4C focuses on children, and stems from the realization that; without the attention and interest of the local young people, the future of Africa’s spectacular natural resources will remain uncertain.

Since 2004, C4C has inspired 6000 confident healthy youth who care about themselves, their future, and the environment they will grow up in. It has expanded to South Africa to address help the global challenge of Rhino protection.

C4C uses two mechanisms for teaching. One is to harness the power of sport and the inherent value that sport provides in terms of health, fitness, teamwork and pride. Second; Learning from Wildlife. By learning from animals, C4C’s creates an empathetic link between the child and animal. When teaching jumping, for example, and the need for agility on the soccer field, the Impala ‘coach’ teaches about his own behavior and the need for awareness, agility, and reliance on the “team” (herd) for survival.

A powerful impact is created through the collaboration of international coaches, government sports bodies, corporate sponors and conservation educators

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