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More about Beyond the Norm –Girls Sport Project

The project has started by the uncut girl’s initiative who escaped from Female Genital Mutilation. The girls meeting up together for life skill trainings, doing the life skill, they have also started to playing sport at the public with boys to disprove the misconception of the community, which says that sport are the domain of boys only.

Gradually they organized themselves in different sports and our organization has started providing them with technical and material supports including organizing different tournaments during different event.

In the mean time an organization called Women Win which based in the Netherlands wanted to have partnership in Ethiopia to implement the Goal project and  KMG-Ethiopia has been  recommended by DFID to be the project implementer since its already working with the community specially with women and girls on harmful customary practices , gender based violence, sexual and reproductive health, economic empowerment issues  by  using sport as a tool.

Finally Women Win has introduced the Goal-sport and life skill curriculum and KMG-Ethiopia adopted the curriculum in 2013 to the local context and implementing it using sport as a tool to develop young girl’s leadership as well as to tackle GBV, HCP& SRH issues.