HRH Prince Faisal Al Hussein

HRH Prince Faisal Al Hussein - The Ambassadors

Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces

 HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein currently holds the rank of Lieutenant General and is the Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF).
Prince Feisal is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Mu’ta University, Chairman of the King Abdullah II Centre of Excellence (previously the King Abdullah II Award for Distinction in Government Performance and Transparency Council) and Chairman of the Higher Organising Committee for the Special Forces Exhibition (SOFEX).
Since becoming president of the Jordan Olympic Committee in 2003 he has worked tirelessly to place Jordan on the world map of sport and has successfully attained worldwide recognition for Jordan through his initiatives and hosting international events.
Prince Feisal has also been a member of the IOC’s Women and Sport Commission since 2006.
That same year Jordan was also awarded the 4th IOC World Conference on Women and Sport 2008.
Prince Feisal founded Generations For Peace, of which he is now Chairman, in 2007. Generations For Peace runs dedicated peace programmes to empower, train and support leaders of youth from conflicted communities around the world to use the power of sport to unite children and youth from all sides of their divides to contribute towards a sustainable peace.
His vision to promote and instil peace through sport also led to Jordan being awarded the IOC Seminar on Sport and Peace for the Middle East 2007 (previously only hosted under the IOC for Africa).
Since 1988 Prince Feisal has received numerous Jordanian and international awards and distinctions. The latest, which he received in 2004, are the Legion of Honour from France and the Legion of Merit (highest award of the US Air Force) from the United States of America, for bilateral efforts in the war on terrorism and helping bring stability to the region. He also received the Grand Cordone of the Order of Al Istiklal from Jordan in 2002.
Prince Feisal received his Masters of Management from London Business School in 1998 and graduated in 1985 from Brown University with a Bachelor of Science, Electronic Engineering (specialising in communications).
He currently resides in Jordan and has four children.

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