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GOALS Haiti Assist in Hurricane Relief

GOALS, Global Outreach And Love of Soccer, is a small, locally led organisation based in Haiti working with kids and communities to improve their quality of live and empower them to make long-term changes. Programmes include local teams, health education, and scholarships. They promote sport, health, nutrition, sanitation, gender equality and education.

GOALS Haiti has been working in Leogane since 2010 and is dedicated to the long-term recovery and development of rural communities.

As a result of Hurricane Matthew, GOALS communities of Bossan and Destra have been inaccessible due to major flooding and blocked roads, however, GOALS was able to secure enough funding to hire boats to bring food, water and cooking fuel to about 300 people. This would have been on day without any food for these GOALS families. 

After addressing the immediate need, GOALS Haiti’s next concern will be hygiene/cholera and then long-term needs, since all crops and most livestock just plain gone. A big part of GOALS’ role will be helping communities to get back to daily life and normalcy on their own by continuing to work our network of local soccer coaches and community leaders. Reopening schools and soccer fields helps life to get back to normal, and, providing jobs in local areas will be critical.

Behind the scenes, the GOALS staff has been working around the clock, partnering to provide logistical support to other aid groups, allowing them to hit the ground faster and more efficiently.

The photos and reports from other areas in Haiti are devastating. While GOALS will be lending logistical and translation support to recovery in these areas. GOALS' own work will be focused on the four villages in Leogane where they have networks and existing programs. Their ongoing programs impact 400 children daily, but will be supporting all those impacted in these areas, an estimated 6,000 people.

As a part of the Beyond Sport network we support GOALS Haiti in the work they do throughout the Haiti community, especially at this time of need, and encourage you to do same. Click here to make a donation.  


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